Many ophthalmologists frequently recommend the use of artificial tears, but there are actually very few products specifically made for ocular prosthesis wearers. The products listed below can be very beneficial and considered if you have dryness or discomfort while wearing your ocular prosthesis. 

   Enuclene is the only eye drop made by Alcon just for artificial eye wearers.  It is a mild decongestant, disinfectant and lubricant that can help patients with excessive secretions.   It may be obtained without a prescription usually from your ocularist, but may be ordered through you pharmacy.

   Sil-ophtho is pure lubricating silicone oil made for artificial eyes that may be applied directly to the prosthesis prior to insertion or while it is being worn.  Sil-ophtho will provide hours of comfort during those times when the humidity is excessively low. It is available in a light and heavy viscosity. Sil-ophtho is only for artificial eyes and usually found only in an ocularist's office, however it may be ordered on-line directly from Stony Brook Inc. the manufacture.

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